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Episode 20: Meet James Victore, Designer, Activist and Author of Feck Perfuction

Episode Summary

A few weeks ago, I got to sit down for a chat with one of my favorite creatives: James Victore. James Victore is a surfer, a dirt bike rider but most and foremost he is one of the most prominent designers of his generation. He joins me today to talk about his latest book "Feck Perfuction, Dangerous Ideas on the Business of Life". This is an episode dedicated to anybody with a creative mind. It's a pep talk and a brilliant introduction to James' philosophy of life, work and art.

Episode Notes

A few weeks ago, I got to sit down for a chat with one of my favorite creatives: James Victore.

My guest, James Victore is a motorcycle rider and a surfer, but he is also one of the most prominent graphic designers and pop artists of his generation. His work was exposed (twice!) at New York’s Museum of Modern Art. And you can still find his work in museums around the world. James is a master in poster design and has been teaching graphic design for the past 20 years. He has worked for prestigious clients such as Adobe, Mailchimp, and Moet & Chandon. In fact you may recognize his work from time to time, on the covers of Esquire Magazine, Time Magazine and on the covers of the entire collection of Do Books.

But his work doesn’t stop at design : he receives invitations from around the world for his motivational speaking talents and coaches many a creative and business owner. If you join him on YouTube or Instagram, you’ll find him talking about his Dangerous Ideas, and giving creatives the pep talk they need.

James’ work is witty, subversive, radical and of course a bunch of fun. Some say he’s part Darth Vador, part Yoda. If you don’t know him yet, you’ll probably hear a lot about him in the near future. His latest book, Feck Perfuction has just come out and is already a #1 bestseller on Amazon.

I was truly honored (and quite intimidated) to have him on my podcast. You may have noticed, I’m a huge fan.

This episode is for the creatives out there. In this episode we talk about why creatives must have their own opinion and their own voice, how perfectionism destroys our creativity. Why it is important to tame your fear of starting, of finishing, how and why setting goals is important, owning your identity and basically fecking perfuction. We also get a glimpse of what kind of a surfer James is and his experience surfing the waves of New York and Costa Rica.
This episode is dedicated to the creative listeners out there. Whether it’s in business, parenting or in design, James Victore is about to share his knowledge and this is really cool .

You can find his book Feck Perfuction (and the previous coffee book format “Who Died and Made You Boss) on Amazon and on
In fact, the best way to connect, meet James and purchase his work, is via James’ website

The next Rancho Victore retreat is in May (10th — 12th 2019). It’s in Texas, so perhaps you can bring a board with you and surf the wave pool in Waco! European fans can see James in action at the Offf Festival in Barcelona on the 25th of April.

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